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LED Baseboard

  • Alu-Baseboard - LED Profile for a moody floor LED lighting.

    The Alu-Baseboard profile is a two-part component product. In this LED light fixture one part is permanently integrated with the construction of the wall. The second part is a light source, which is installed after the finish of an unclean construction work. The main idea of this aesthetic design is to provide a high integration and color fit of the profile with the wall and an easy installation of the LEDs after the construction work. The LED is simply accessible after the instalation.

    This LED solution opens up the possibility of an introduction of a discrete accent, moody LED lighting and also an energy saving night lighting in hallways, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, private villas or hotels. It is a minimalistic form of an exclusive finish of the wall with a soft and adjustable light effect. The color of the light as well as its intensity is adjustable to create a proper mood of the room. Creating such an individual space where the source of light is invisible and integrated with predefined light scene is an common trend in the present and future LED lighting.

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