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LED Growing Light

  • A LED grow lamp is made up of a group of LEDs (light emitting diodes). For the imaging of plants have, in particular, the blue and red part of the light spectrum much influence on the good growing / flourishing of the plants. Several studies conducted by, inter alia, TU Delft and have demonstrated the Wageningen University, the crop production with LED lights can rise up to 20 percent.

    Energy efficient lighting requires light sources with as little energy as possible, useful plants, produce light. And that's no longer the sodium lamp, but the high power LEDs. When light for plants is often talked about par light, but where in plants is really about is the factor PPFD (Photosynthetic Photo Flux Density). The latter is measured in micro-mole. Micro moles are energy packets that are measured by the number of those packets which reached an area of ​​1m² per second.

    In other words, the energy pumped into LEDs can fully benefit the exposure of plants, which can be saved to more than 80 percent energy. It is now important to accurately measure the sensitivity at each wavelength by crop and then come with LED clusters, which are composed of high power LEDs, which produce only true light that welbestemde wavelengths. Advantages of LED grow lights:
    - Very long life, up to more than 50,000 hours
    - Energy efficient; 90W replace 400W bulb
    - Fireproof due to operating temperature of 32º C
    - Failed harvests in summer are limited by heat dissipation past
    - Plants consume 60 to 80% less water and power
    - Relief from mold by better climate
    - Fewer problems with pests and fungi by applying UV
    - By ideal conditions flowering plants are there are a lot more vital in
    - Plug-and-play lighting
    - Will include used for cannabis cultivation and other housing estates

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